Unravel 2012

Despite still battling the chest infection of doom, which funnily enough has me sounding a lot like Kathleen Turner apparently, I ventured down to Farnham for the day to go to Unravel. I went last year on the Sunday and it was quite a nice pleasent relaxed day out. Obviously as they were pretty much […]

Performance Center and me

So part of my new role at work is to manage all the testing for my new team. As the team is so small, I am there only tester so that includes things like taking care of the performance testing. Now this isn’t a scope of testing I’ve generally had much to do with before […]

Diving into Narnia

One of the things on my 30 for 30 list was to finally read through the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. I’m pretty sure I’ve at least read The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe at some point but that was likely so long ago I don’t actually remember. But ever since the film versions […]

Still working out some issues

Nothing anyone coming here to read my ramblings should see, I hope, but I’m still working out kinks with the new blog setup. Mostly cause my web host (of awesome) would only let me install wp to a subfolder if I used their one-click installs. As I’m lazy, I do, but it does mean working […]

30 Goals for 30

I turn 30 this year in September. I don’t really mind turning 30 much (not entirely true but we’ll go with it) but it kinda got me in the mood this year when setting my goals for the year, I should do something to mark it for myself. So I decided to have a special […]

Reorg and Tidy Up

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice a few changes. Okay, maybe a lot of changes. Basically, I wanted to rework this blog completely and I wasn’t willing to delete the years of posts I had already on here. They were kind of like a journal even if sometimes going back & reading them made […]