30 Goals for 30

I turn 30 this year in September. I don’t really mind turning 30 much (not entirely true but we’ll go with it) but it kinda got me in the mood this year when setting my goals for the year, I should do something to mark it for myself. So I decided to have a special list of 30 ‘goals’ just for the year I turn 30. They’re fun silly things I’ve either been meaning to do or wanting to try or are just kinda fun silly ‘achievements’ to aim for. I’m not putting the pressure on to complete them all cause frankly, a few are likely to be miracles if I do given time contraints and whatnot. But I like the idea of trying and I want to see how many I can get through.

So I sat and I thought. I worked on the list over the course of about 2 weeks I think. It is actually a lot harder to come up with a list of 30 goals than you might think. But I got to 29 and got stuck so I decided to save the #30 spot for something special to-be-decided. But here’s what I got so far, with a bit of a why it’s on there, and I’ll be updating the status as I go (2 down already!): 30 for 30

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