Still working out some issues

Nothing anyone coming here to read my ramblings should see, I hope, but I’m still working out kinks with the new blog setup. Mostly cause my web host (of awesome) would only let me install wp to a subfolder if I used their one-click installs. As I’m lazy, I do, but it does mean working out a few hiccups and learning a lot about .htaccess files to sort out the redirects to go from the root domain to the blog.

For the non-tech that probably sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo. Mostly it translates to there were problems. I hope I fixed them cause with the way it was broke before, I nearly blocked myself out of the admin panel. So yea, hope it’s fixed cause if so, that means I can do the blogging on the go (*cough* at work… over lunch *cough). If not, well then I foresee some more head-desk banging occuring as I figure out why everything’s screwed up.

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