Weekend highlights

A quick recap of the weekend in photos

4 years

Today the 17th of March is my arrival day. Four years ago today, I came to the UK to live. Well, technically it was the 15th of March that I arrived on the plane to Heathrow but I usually use the 17th as I liked that my first day of work was St. Patrick’s Day, […]

Beer for Punks

Normally my Wednesday evening plans consist of going to knit night at the pub, but when my friend Jenny invited me to be her +1 guest to a beer tasting evening that she had won a free place for two at, I couldn’t pass it up. The event was a beer tasting at the BrewDog […]

One tough yogi

Or not. But I’m a bit out of practice so I’m giving myself some leway as all good yogis should. This weekend I started working on my goal for the year to get myself up to 50 sun salutations. A bit of a self-challenge in there but it will also be good for helping me […]

Craft Swishing

So I should be in heading to bed but instead I’m blogging while I wait for my iphone update to finish downloading, which probably still won’t finish in time but hey gives me an excuse. Plus I really wanted to blog about this before I forgot. Yesterday, my knittery group of friends & I had […]

A few small knits

I’d been working on a few more complicated and fiddly knitting patterns and kept hitting snags with them. So I opted instead to do a few more small simple things to give myself a break before I started lighting the yarn on fire. I was packing together a box to send to my folks, so […]