A few small knits

I’d been working on a few more complicated and fiddly knitting patterns and kept hitting snags with them. So I opted instead to do a few more small simple things to give myself a break before I started lighting the yarn on fire.

I was packing together a box to send to my folks, so I made a TARDIS dishcloth to tuck in there for them.

TARDIS Dishcloth





And to use up the rest of ball of cotton yarn, I churned out a quick little diagonal knit dishcloth to add to our stash in the house.

Cotton Dishcloth





For a real shock to the system, I went up to some 12mm needles (for the non-knittery, these are about the diameter of your finger), and knit up a little chunky cowl. A quick pattern and was good for me to burn through a bit of stash.

Chunky Cowl





And the one I’m most proud of isn’t actually a knit, it’s a crochet. My mom has a coworker who’s pregnant and a really nerdy chemistry teacher, so I whipped up this little amigurumi chemistry flask as a stuffed toy for the baby.

Chemistry Flask Amigurumi





The bonus with it, is I really wanted it to jingle. So I did some searching to find options for how to do this. Most of what I turned up suggested the best way to get a good sound (and make a safe toy should it get disassembled) was to have the bell or noise inside a small capsule. I found a couple good tutorials for making them out of the yellow pods inside of Kinder Eggs and from ping pong balls. I however was time crunched and lazy. So I thought, what is a jingling durable capsule already out there? Having been around cats for many years, this was obvious to me and I quickly found these beauties on Amazon. DIY Baby Toy Rattle

However, after they arrived, I was worried they might be too big for the size of toy I was making. I tried it out with the toy when I was ready to stuff. It fit and did make an awesome jingly rattle noise, but there wasn’t much room to stuff around it so the toy was a little solid. I was a bit worried it might be too hard for a baby toy so I thought about what I could use to make my own. Inspiration struck quickly when I spied a tiny little sample jar on my dresser. It originally had a sample of grapefruit body scrub from The Body Shop (not my favorite scent I’d have to say) and I’d saved the empty container thinking it might be useful for travel things. However, it was the perfect size filling & stuffing in a baby toy.

DIY Baby Toy RattleA quick dig into the bead stash for some large sized seed beads to put inside it and voila, a baby rattle. I applied a bit of superglue to the threads of the base and then screwed the lid on to ensure it wouldn’t somehow work it’s way open & could go through the wash. Stuffed it in the body, finished working it up and then I had one awesome baby gift. I’m so going to remember this for the next time I want to make a baby toy make noise and start saving those little sample jars.

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