One tough yogi

Or not. But I’m a bit out of practice so I’m giving myself some leway as all good yogis should.

This weekend I started working on my goal for the year to get myself up to 50 sun salutations. A bit of a self-challenge in there but it will also be good for helping me see my mat more which isn’t a bad thing.

I emailed* my yoga teacher Tracy for advice before I started and to get a double check on what the sun salutation sequence is. She thought it was an awesome fun goal and a good thing to work toward. And I nearly had the sun salutation sequence right too.

Sunday I visited my mat for the first time in longer than I care to admit. Not that I haven’t been doing yoga things at all, I’ve just not done anything on my mat. I did a bit of breathing and couple warm up poses and then got started on some sun salutations. I was going to try for ten but thought maybe having not been on my mat in so long, pushing that hard so quick would be a recipe for badness. So I did five and then finished off with some shivasana.

The bummer of the morning was I discovered the bowl of my oil burner had cracked, unfortunately by nearly setting off the smoke detector since the oil was leaking through the base onto the flame directly and thus smoking. It’s a lovely burner I bought from a potter at a market in Belgium so I loathe to give it up. But I think I can find a replacement bowl for the top and use the bowl from it for candles or something.

Probably a good thing I stuck with five for this first go since I was a bit sore yesterday. But even so, I got on my mat again and did the morning sequence Tracy made for me ages ago yesterday morning. I’ve not done it in a while since despite my efforts to get up 30 minutes earlier to do some morning yoga, more sleep always won out, and so when I did yoga, it was usually the post-work destress evening sequence she wrote for me. But it was nice to have a change and go back to an old sequence I hadn’t done in a while. It was a good wake-up too.

I’m a bit more sore this morning, mostly I’m betting from using my body in a way it hasn’t been used to in a while. My back is a bit sore too which tells me I was not using my core enough (though my abs tell me otherwise). So what I’m taking away from the things my body is saying is slow and steady build up. No rushing.


* She used to live in London and was my yoga teacher on top of neighbor and friend. She moved back to Seattle with her family last year and even far away she will always be my yoga teacher. It’s a perk of going back to Seattle for work that I can go to her yoga class.

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