4 years

Today the 17th of March is my arrival day. Four years ago today, I came to the UK to live.

Well, technically it was the 15th of March that I arrived on the plane to Heathrow but I usually use the 17th as I liked that my first day of work was St. Patrick’s Day, which helped build in a nice tradition.

That tradition being going to the Toucan, a tiny little Irish pub in Soho that was local for our office at the time (and according to my Irish coworker Ryan serves the best Guinness in London), to have pints of Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s something I’ve done every year since that first eve at the pub and it’s like my little expat-versary thing.

This year was no different. I met up with my friend Lisa for a late lunch and then we wandered over to the Toucan for some tasty Guinness. And even better, the barman made little designs on the tops of our Guinness (the left one is obviously a shamrock and the right is the Guinness logo).

We hung about to see if anyone else was going to come by for some St. Pats drinking as a few other folks had been invited out, but it seemed it was just us. So having had our traditional Guinness, we wandered elsewhere for cocktails, dinner, and generall goofing and chatter.

It was a splended afternoon and a nice reminder how much moving here was an awesome decision for myself. I knew it the minute I stepped off that plane and I know it today. It’s not just the living abroad thing, it’s the lifestyle and the culture.

I’m still not sure how long I plan to stay but here’s to another year of life in the UK. Now to go start digging through paperwork to look at the ILR process.

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