I spent my Saturday afternoon in a pro(ish) kitchen with my friend Josh (and a few strangers) learning how to make macarons. Basically my baking buddy Josh & I saw a voucher on Living Social for a course at the On Cafe and decided that learning now for cheap was better than our original plan […]

Sicily first day

We just arrived in Sicily today. However my bag did not seem to leave Rome so I am currently without it which is driving me mad. It should be in Sicily tonight & delivered to hotel tomorrow but still makes me crazy especially as my friend’s bag made it. However I’m determined to be chill […]

Sicily Bound

That’s right folks, this time tomorrow I will be on my way to my third year in a row of spending Easter in one of the most delightful and one of my favorite places, Sicily. I love that the UK has a four day weekend for Easter and the easy application of a day on […]

Prototype Testing

My very lovely and talented friend Sarah makes the most awesome knitting project bags, needle cases, needle rolls, and manty other delightful handmade things which she sells here. She’s a well talented seamstress and definitely put lots of thought into designing them just right. I have many of her project bags and my collection keeps […]