Prototype Testing

My very lovely and talented friend Sarah makes the most awesome knitting project bags, needle cases, needle rolls, and manty other delightful handmade things which she sells here. She’s a well talented seamstress and definitely put lots of thought into designing them just right. I have many of her project bags and my collection keeps growing; partially cause how i stop myself buying yarn is to spend it on knitting accessories. So when I was trolling the interwebs one day last Autumn and came across a ‘knitting pattern envelope’ someone who made similar bags was selling, I thought, “huh, that’s cool. but I bet Sarah could make something cooler.” A quick email convo later and it turns out Sarah had already been contemplating coming up with something along that line. So I naturally offered my services as a prototype tester for it.

And now fast forward to the other weekend when I went to checkout the Crafty Fox market (and met up with Sarah, her hubby & kids for a bit), she presented me with my shiny new prototype to try out.

I think it’s well cool with tons of pockets and places to put things. The main focus is the pattern pocket which is a clear plastic pocket you can put your pattern in so it doesn’t get all mussed up as you tote it around places. (Seriously if you’ve ever seen some of mine by the end of a project, it’s barely holding itself together). It’s A4 paper sized so it will hold a full pattern without folding and it has an extra fabric pocket behind it where you can store the additional pages of the pattern if you don’t want them all in the clear pocket.

On the facing side there is another large paper sized fabric pocket, a small zipper pouch you can store your stitchmarkers and things in, and a slim pen/needle pocket. Basically I had so many places to put things I didn’t know what to do with it all. When you’re ready to take it on the move, you just fold it in half and it has a little button closure (though I’m going to suggest to Sarah this is maybe a snap closure if possible as I think it may hold up longer).

And bonus because it’s all soft foldy fabric, you can fold it in half without damaging your pattern pages:

And even roll it up like a sushi log:

My only slightly negative thought with it was that holding a full sized A4 sheet makes it a bit too large for all my knitting project bags as most of mine are the smaller (sock pouch) sized and medium sized as I’m mostly a knitter on the go. I’ve only got one of the big sized bags and it’s had a WIP in it that I’m sure will not be done anytime this year (or maybe next). So basically I was stumped as to what project to test its wonders out with. In the end, I settled with a project I knew would go on for a while: hexipuff knitting.

Yes, that’s right folks, I have caved and joined the fad. But it turns out the big size of the pattern holder makes it perfect for hexipuff knitting. I have the full pattern of the hexipuffs on the clear side. And in all the pockets on the other I’ve stuffed a bunch of leftover bits of sock yarn I’m using for the hexipuffs in the zipper pocket, the finished hexipuffs & the one in progress in the massive pocket, and I have the extra DPNs I’m not currently using. It’s like a giant trapper keeper of awesome for my knitting! Seriously, how cool is that?

Needless to say, now that I’ve found the perfect purpose for my A4 sized pattern keeper, I’m well stuffed with it. Knowing Sarah she’ll have come up with more awesome improvements for it by the time she starts selling them, so keep your eyes peeled for it and if you want one, email her and tell her to start making them so she knows there are knitters who think they’re awesome too.

I’ve already suggested the half-sized version to Sarah so I think she’s pondering the look of that one. I’ve got a couple other variations on it floating in my head I might sketch out and see what she thinks of it.

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