Sicily first day

We just arrived in Sicily today. However my bag did not seem to leave Rome so I am currently without it which is driving me mad. It should be in Sicily tonight & delivered to hotel tomorrow but still makes me crazy especially as my friend’s bag made it. However I’m determined to be chill about it & not let it make me more upset than the initial melt in the airport.

So instead of moaning, I bring you pictures from our dinner tonight.

Our starter: ricotta bruschetta topped with pistachio cream with sliced pears


Primi: vegetable risotto with smoked cheese


Seconde: filet steak in a Marsala orange sauce. Sorry no pic of this one as we killed it in about a minute.

Dolci: some kind if chocolate torte we saw them walk by with but wasn’t on the menu so we asked about. Deliciousness


Vino Rosso


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