I had one of the closest calls making a flight in pretty much ever today. Not only had I misjudged how much time I’d need to get to Gatwick by about 30min but it was also one of those days that Southward overland train service was a step beyond shit.

But, after some quick rerouting and sprinting through London Bridge and East Croydon stations, followed by some sprinting through Gatwick, being ‘that girl’ who is late for her flight & begging folks in the security line to let her cut (they did and are made of so much awesome), and finally sprinting to my gate, I made it. And even had some time to spare. I’m not entirely sure how I managed to screw up the timing of my flight. I know part of it was a 18:00 vs 8pm confusion that had me thinking I had tons of time but how I never managed to plan in enough getting there time I dunno.

A bit wild, but hey, I made it to Inverness so I can visit some friends for a lively weekend in Scotland. Totally worth the sprinting to see the gorgeous scenery while in the taxi ride from the airport.


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