Running in the rain

I love running in the rain. Seriously would rather run in the rain than a blazing sunny day (probably good I live in the UK then). But man, yesterday totally put that claim to the test when I did my long run. It rained solidly for the full day.

It was lightly raining when I set off for my long run (7miles this week) and I thought, no prob, this is awesome. Then the rain picked up from light to steady after my first lap of the park. And stayed that way for the entire rest of my run.

I think by the end of lap 2 I had water in my shoes. By lap 3 my shirt (a technical wicking running shirt mind you) was so water logged it was extra weight and suctioned itself to me. As I came around for my shorter 4th lap I was a drowned rat and starting to get cold. I was even getting wrinkled fingers as if I had been in the bath for hours. I was so soaking when I got home I had to quickly peel everything off to wring it all out over the sink as I was creating puddles by just standing still.

Definitely a unique experience. But on the upside, with that much rain the park was mostly empty but for a few other brave runners & walkers. And it was pretty as a picture.


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