Prototype Testing

My very lovely and talented friend Sarah makes the most awesome knitting project bags, needle cases, needle rolls, and manty other delightful handmade things which she sells here. She’s a well talented seamstress and definitely put lots of thought into designing them just right. I have many of her project bags and my collection keeps […]

Beer for Punks

Normally my Wednesday evening plans consist of going to knit night at the pub, but when my friend Jenny invited me to be her +1 guest to a beer tasting evening that she had won a free place for two at, I couldn’t pass it up. The event was a beer tasting at the BrewDog […]

Craft Swishing

So I should be in heading to bed but instead I’m blogging while I wait for my iphone update to finish downloading, which probably still won’t finish in time but hey gives me an excuse. Plus I really wanted to blog about this before I forgot. Yesterday, my knittery group of friends & I had […]

A few small knits

I’d been working on a few more complicated and fiddly knitting patterns and kept hitting snags with them. So I opted instead to do a few more small simple things to give myself a break before I started lighting the yarn on fire. I was packing together a box to send to my folks, so […]

Unravel 2012

Despite still battling the chest infection of doom, which funnily enough has me sounding a lot like Kathleen Turner apparently, I ventured down to Farnham for the day to go to Unravel. I went last year on the Sunday and it was quite a nice pleasent relaxed day out. Obviously as they were pretty much […]