Every year I set a list of goals for myself. It started a couple years ago when I had the thought that they make me (or give me) goals at work that I’m supposed to accomplish or work towards during the year, so why not do it for myself and personal things I want to accomplish? How I’ve written them has evolved a bit with each iteration but the trend that stays the same among them is I try to stick to the “SMART” goal format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relavent, Timely), but even from that mostly just the MAT part of it.

My goals for 2012

  1. Trim & Tone to lose inches or dress sizes
    • Go to the gym 3x / week
    • Do my yoga practice 2x / week
    • Cut my sugar consumption by limiting to 3 desserts / week
    • Eat more veg
  2. Reduce Yarn Stash by 1/3
    • No club yarn
    • No new yarn unless a big project (defined as using 3+ skeins) completed
    • 12 socks in 2012
    • Finish open WIPs and do 10 items from queue
  3. Budget Money to save £500 / month
    • Keep on Top of My Finances
    • Try to bring my lunch at least 1x / week
    • Limit clothing & shoe spend
  4. Reduce & Organize
    • Clean through clothing, shoes, & bags
    • Go through the box of textbooks & papers from University
  5. Visit 6 New Places
    • Alaska – planned for August
    • Norway
    • Berlin (?)
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