30 for Turning 30

I turn 30 in 2012 and it kinda got me in the mood when setting my goals for the year, I should have a special list of 30 just for this year to mark turning 30. I decided it should be a list of fun silly things I’ve been meaning to do or wanting to try or just kinda fun silly to aim for. I achieve them? Awesome. I don’t, well I may just laugh at myself a bit but it’s mostly just for fun!

It’s only 29 right now cause it’s hard to think of 30 things so I decided to save #30 for something special.

30 for 30

  1. Stop biting my nails. – In progress. Will be at 6 months of no biting at end of June and I think I’ll call this done when make it to that point!
    I’m nearly 30 and it’s time this habit is done.
  2. Go on a trip alone for fun. – I think I know where I want to go for this, but yet to move on it.
    I’ve technically done this for work a few times but I’ve not actually voluntarily done it. It needs doing.
  3. Ride a bike to work.
    For those that know me personally, I only learned to ride a bike about 2 years ago and I’m still pretty new at it shall we say. So this is actually a big thing for me to ride across London to work.
  4. Learn to poach an egg.
    Something I’ve just never learned to do and feel i should know…
  5. Plan & execute a photography project.
    A lot of good photographers I’ve heard talk have a common theme of “planning your shot before you take it” not matter what type of photography it is. It’s an area I struggle with so is an apt goal.
  6. Learn to mat photos.
    Again randomly, something I just have always wanted to figure out / learn.
  7. Setup my photography site. -> DONE! Jan 2012 – www.bethannphoto.com
    This was something long in the works of “i need to get around to that”
  8. Knit a sweater (for me).
    Most of what I knit / crochet has been small items cause big things never seem to get finished…
  9. Learn Italian.
    Sicily has earned a special place in my heart and thus I must learn Italian so I can go there and eat more food.
  10. Enter three photography competitions.
    I take tons of photos and I don’t do anything with them regarding submitting them anywhere, usually due to time limitation factors. Enough stalling already woman!
  11. Spin enough yarn to knit something & knit it.
    I learned to spin a bit over a year ago and I haven’t done much with it. I need a goal.
  12. Knit 12 pairs of socks in a year.In Progress on 1 of 12
    Last year some friends started ORASH! (Operation Replace All Socks with Handknits!) and while I’m far from getting all my socks replaced (and honestly the gym socks won’t be), I want more handknit socks. Plus they’re fun to make.
  13. Learn to make macaroons. -> DONE! Apr 2012. Haven’t tested my new skills out making them on my own but I have successfully learned
    Macaroons are one of my all time favorite dessert things. They are the epitomy of awesome. I must learn them.
  14. Finish my tshirt quilt.
    I have a quilt I started a couple years ago made out of tshirts I accumulated from my years in University from all the things I did. Everytime I go home to my parents to visit, I work on it a bit more. It’s nearly done and I should be able to get it done this year.
  15. Sew a dress.
    I have only sewn skirts so far when it comes to making clothing. I think it’s time I level up to a dress.
  16. Read the Chronicles of Narnia series. -> In progress. Over halfway through.
    Cause I haven’t & I should.
  17. Read the Lord of the Rings series.
    Cause I haven’t & I should.
  18. Sew a reversable skirt. -> DONE! Apr 2012. I’ve sewn up a first version of this. It’s not the ideal finished pattern but I have made one.
    I bought a skirt from John Lewis last year that’s reversible. It’s cleverly done and looks easy to make myself. I’ve not really made much sewing wise, and definitely nothing clothing wise, without having a pattern. A new challenge.
  19. Finish 4 squares of my travel blanket.
    So everywhere I go when I travel, I try to find a yarn shop (which has in one location, essentially been a grocery store… oh Iceland, you were wonderful)¬†and from said yarn shop I buy a skein of yarn to mark the place I have been. I try to make it colors that remind me of the place or trip I’m on too. The goal was for all of these to become a blanket at some point yet right now they are in a plastic box at my parents.
  20. Read a book in German.
    Trying to keep up my German skills and get them more honed.
  21. Do a photo shoot. -> DONE! Jan 2012
    I actually already had this planned before I started writing the list, but hey, it was still a big thing for me.
  22. Write a knitting pattern.
    All the patterns I’ve ever written have been crochet cause that’s what I started with and knew best. Now I feel I’m about where I was when I started writing crochet patterns that it’s time to attempt a knitting one.
  23. Get a tattoo.
    Cause I’ve wanted one for like, forever and just can’t seem to get my focus on it.
  24. Do 50 sun salutations in one go. -> In progress. I’m at about 12 right now.
    My old yoga teacher Tracy told us about this charity event she had done a few years in a row where you were doing something like 150 sun salutations in a row. I liked the idea and challenge this proposed, even without it being for a charity event, and decided that I wanted to aim for a run of 50. Why 50? Well, 20 seemed doable now if I put my mind to it, 30 was a stretch, so 50 seemed like a good way to grow.
  25. Learn to do 2 up-do’s with my hair.
    I have no skills at doing my hair. It’s a mass of thick curl resistant straightness that I usually leave to it’s own devices. I will be defeated by it no longer.
  26. Learn to do make up better.
    I have some skills with eye make up and practically none with all others. Occasionally I do like to get girlied up to go out and such so it would be nice to be able to do this with some confidence of not looking like something scary.
  27. Knit 5 gifts for others. -> DONE! Apr 2012. 5 gifts knit and either gifted or awaiting appropriate day for gifting.
    Cause it’s nice and will help me knit to a timeline.
  28. Sew a Victorian skirt.
    I’m working on putting together a steampunk and victorian style costume. I wanted to make the outfit myself to tailor it to my tastes. I knew I could make everything but the corset, which I had a corset custom made last year and is amazing. I made a bustle & bloomers to go with it for a Halloween bash but I want something more formal, so next I work on a proper skirt.
  29. Swimming.
    I don’t swim. I know, in theory, how to swim given the dozens of swim classes I’ve taken and countless people who’ve attempted to teach me. However, I have this whole control issue fear of drowning panic attack thing when I can’t be touching the bottom or side of a pool. I want to get over it so I can go do fun things like learn to surf or snorkling.
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