Saturday in Pictures

Technically Friday eve, but one of my host cats on a cat quilt Cawdor Castle Beautiful tea colored river behind the castle A most amazing homemade dinner of pork chops & mash w/ a cider gravy w/ apples Playing Munchkin the boardgame until the wee hours. And I even squeaked out a win!


I had one of the closest calls making a flight in pretty much ever today. Not only had I misjudged how much time I’d need to get to Gatwick by about 30min but it was also one of those days that Southward overland train service was a step beyond shit. But, after some quick rerouting […]

Sicily first day

We just arrived in Sicily today. However my bag did not seem to leave Rome so I am currently without it which is driving me mad. It should be in Sicily tonight & delivered to hotel tomorrow but still makes me crazy especially as my friend’s bag made it. However I’m determined to be chill […]

Sicily Bound

That’s right folks, this time tomorrow I will be on my way to my third year in a row of spending Easter in one of the most delightful and one of my favorite places, Sicily. I love that the UK has a four day weekend for Easter and the easy application of a day on […]